Starting in may this year we can offer lodging in wooden cottages made in the original Šumadija etno style. Apartment type with adaptations due to the needs of a modern man. Common room, with kitchen and dining area, separated from a sleeping room. Modern baths as well as a terrace with maximized sunny hours. Apartments have cable TV and Wi-Fi.

Your stay is based on an overnight stay or as half board with food being served at our restaurant next to the cottages. If you opt for half board, you can get komplet lepinja, zlatiborski omelet, pie, as well as a number of different specialties. As for the places you can visit, that are close to Mačkat, there is ethno village Sirogojno with an open museum (a wonderful insight in Serbian history), Stopića cave, Mokra gora village with Drvengrad resort, movie village and famous Šargan eight steam rail, as well as Mt. Zlatibor with all its offers.